About Me, Eye, Io !

In the beginning, my journey was to Rome, and now my journey is back to me.

During my senior year of college I studied abroad in Rome, Italy and met my first true love. In the pursuit of love and happiness I decided to move to Rome, Italy fresh out of college. After the end of a 3-year-relationsip with my Italian lover, I’m now on a journey to find myself again.

This website is an exhibition of the route and the steps that I’m taking in order to return to what got lost along the (old) journey, the thing that I love most, which is creating.

I have a nact for using my hands and making things. I like to observe fashion and style via internet, magazine, and real life and then recreate it for myself. I also have a passion for other art forms including music, dance, poetry, and writing as a whole.

All in all, I do a lot, so to keep it simple. I just say, “Eye am a creator”.





One thought on “About Me, Eye, Io !”

  1. lovebox,

    i love your pictures from the alpes. they are so beautiful. nice to see that u already feel comfortable in rome. i’m lookin forwart to seeing more of your pictures and reading more about your stay in rome.

    love you and miss you

    xoxo lovebox

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