Where’s your sanity–before, and after?

I’m practically always outside of the American news loop, and I don’t particularly make the effort to stay updated– mostly for the fact that the news seems to be nothing but bad/sad. However, after reading so many facebook statuses about a Colorado incident, my curiosity lead me to do some Googling to find out what happened. The following are my thoughts while/after reading about the situation:

1. Where’s your sanity –before, and after you take the lives of so many people (young and old).

2. What kind of person does this? I mean it as literal as can be; what kind of pain, struggles, losses, disappointments, etc. has a person that does something like this experienced? Where does this person come from; what is his/her foundation like, what are/were their parent(s)/guardian(s) like, what values were they raised with, what psychological tribulations did they face that impacted their transition into adulthood….

3. We’re always saying, ” Our hearts go out to….”, but, damn, how many hearts do we have left to give? Is it the fact that people like the suspect know that somewhere and somehow they’ll always be a heart to give, and use this as another green light to go ape-shit —to leave their sanity, their humanity, their conscience, their heart somewhere under dirt


It really baffles me how people could do things like this, it’s more than crazy….

So many people that I talk to here in Italy idolize America and Americans, but if they only knew….


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