And today is the last day of something I never guessed would be so amazing, so great, so inspirational, so full of lessons to learn, so full of beauty.

I came here fresh from New York, not any place in New York, but Brooklyn; Bedstuy to be specific. A summer in the city taught me to be hard and to put my guard up in case of any unexpected outside attacks. With that hard heart, I set foot on these cobblestones with a game face plastered to a mask that said, “Yeah, I got this! I’m comin’ from New York, I got this!” But, before I could predict it, I became a hurricane Katrina towards against my own defense;  my walls were nearly drowning in tears because of my longing for home, for America.

Then, through Yoga and Tai-Chi classes, I learned to not only open my heart, but to soften it. I learned how to breathe. And it’s through that simple, yet difficult at times, gesture that I maneuvered my way through this city and made it my home.

I came here with two large suitcases filled with nothing but fear. This merely may have been due to the unknown; not knowing if I’d learn enough of the language to survive, if I’d have enough money for the duration of my stay, if classes would be difficult, if I’d find my way around the city, etc.

I came here with the mission of renovating my life; with the intention of making reconstructing some damaged aspects of my life. I wanted to reflect on my relationships with certain people and figure out how I could make them different; better. Do I feel as if my mission has been accomplished? No, not entirely. But, more importantly, I feel equipped with the tools necessary for managing these damages and repairing these relationships. One important thing I learned while living in the right hand of the world is: things like Yoga and Tai-Chi and others of the like, are not designed to make your life better, they exist to make your way of dealing with life’s challenges in an easy, clear, and effective way; it’s about the strategy, not the problem itself. My yoga teacher taught me that we have to openly accept the difficult things that life sends our way because it’s part of the balance that we need to have.

One thing for sure that I didn’t come here hoping to find was love. I thought, “hmmm, maybe I’ll find a little beaux or something, nothing serious though”. But, I found more than a beaux, I found a lover for life. I never imagined that my first time falling in love would take place in such a beautiful city, in freeking Rome?! are you kidding me?!. It feels good to know love on another level.

Though the days have been numbered and darkened, the journey is not over. First, because a journey is something that you carry within you and not necessarily something that you discover. Second, the journey is not over because I’ll be back in March. Yep, you guessed it right, spring break in the house.

Anyhow, I’m feeling a little tired now and I want to spend these precious beats (the sound of the clock hand’s walking) with my Marco. So, I’m signing offf. But, since I’m officially on winter break, do expect to see some other posts about all the things I didn’t write about while I was here.

Until next time, take care and love yourselves and neighbors,

A posto Roma,

A posto tutti



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