I just love needles

Somehow, the left side (the weaker side) of my body has acquired some sort of bacterial infection. I feel like I have a gi-normous rock in my throat and if I swallow too hard my eardrum will shatter. After spending 4 hours in an Italian hospital, I got my blood sucked by a needle, and then I got a shot in my butt (the surface area, not any part of my butt that would be too much information for you). It was great, I just love needles.

Today has been the third consecutive day that I’ve been getting an antibiotic injected into my butt. *insert sarcasm*>> Again, I just love needles. However, the pain has been diluted, not mention, knowing that I have a special someone caring for me throughout this process (waiting with me at the hospital, translating my pain to the Italian doctor, picking up my prescription, having his Mama give me the medicine, and taking me to the ear doctor tommorow) makes things better.

The best part of being sick: Knowing that you will heal.

I know that I could be in a much worse situation.


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