C is for …

I want to thank everyone who has read (or been reading) any of my posts and/or has commented on my entries. Thank you, it’s definitely much of a motivation to keep writing.

Okay, on with the post..


C IS FOR : Colosseum

I finally got to go to Il Colosseo. In my last post, I explained that I was feeling homesick. Well, I want to give the Colesseum props for kicking the homesickness out of me. It took me forever to get to Il Colesso, talk about a language barrier. But, obviously the barrier wasn’t strong enough because I found my way regardless, and once I got there every ounce of trouble I felt became an extra reason to smile. When I got there, I literally did not want to leave. I would visit the same floors just so I wouldn’t have to leave.

Finally, after all the, "mi scusi, dove il colosseo??????"
The Colosseum's skin reminds me of biscuits
beautiful inside and out
you arreee sooo beeatttiful to meee

The heart of the Coloseum
A flattened peach seed...the inside of Il Colosseo
srry for the darkness
one of my favorite pics of the Colo
that's me!

my golden arches

C is for: Class

A few posts ago, I expressed my fears and positive outlooks on each one of my classes.

Class: Issues and Trends in Contemporary Art class: I really enjoy this class because I feel like I’m actually learning something. Often times, my excitement uncontrollably slips through the cracks of my teeth via an “umphh” or an “okay”. My professor, who’s also a curator, has a strong passion for what she’s teaching. Sometimes when she’s having a movement, her hands become fireworks in the way that she closes her fist tightly on her chest while she’s talking and then suddenly her fingers explode wide open in the air. Her passion is contagious. I love it!

Class: Drawing: I like it but it really tests my patience. I prefer to draw anything other than architecture. So, this class is definitely a challenge. But, on the flip side, my professor is quite handsome—is that inappropriate to say? (There goes a rhetorical question!)

Class: Public Speaking: This class is a joke. That’s the first thing that came to mind, so it must be the truth. So far, this class is not at all what I thought it would have been. I feel like I would’ve been better off taking this course at Wheaton.

Class: Principles of Management: I don’t really have any problems with this class. It’s one of those, “go with the flow” kind of classes.

Class: Writing for Media: I like this class too, I really do. The thing that I like most about this class is the fact that I have to read the top news stories of the week because we get quizzed to see if we are staying up to date with the news. Although most of the news that I read usually saddens my heart, it still feels good to know what is happening outside of the world that I know; it a way to look beyond the contours of my own world.

Class: Overall: Pet peeve: The biggest pet peeve I have when it comes to all of my classes is the guessing games that my Profs like to play.

Prof: “Who can tell me what/who/when/how/why xyz xyz….?”

Student: is it xyz xyz??

Prof: Nope, does someone else want to take a guess?

Students: xyz xyz (??)

Prof: Nope….

Me (in my head): Okaaay, OBVIOUSLY! We don’t know what the heck you’re talking about, and turning us down every time we try to provide an answer doesn’t make us more interested in the subject at hand. Seriously, I can’t stand when profs. do this. It’s okay to give a couple students a try, but when you allow it to become a round of jeopardy, it not only becomes dis-encouraging but it takes away from the true purpose of the lesson.

On the bright side, classes are not as tough (so far) as Wheaton courses. So, thank God for that. Also, as for my worries about the cost of art supplies, I didn’t have to pay thaaatt much. And, I only brought books for one class (better than all 5), but it sure did put a dent in my budget 😦 I have to pay for photocopies here, and some books for my classes are on reserve in the library.

C is for: Choice(s)

One factor that somewhat swayed my decision to study abroad was the fact that I’d be entering my senior year and would miss out on an important half of an important year. When I log into facebook and see statuses that say things like, “researching grad schools…”, and etc, I start to freak out a little because I feel like I’m missing out on informational sessions that my school offers. I don’t know where I should be in terms of the entire process, i.e. should I be writing personal statements by now, or studying for the GRE, etc. Also, I know that grad school is a possibility, but I really want to know about all of my options; things such as fellowships, teach for America, peace corps, how to get entry–level positions, and etc. Honestly, I’m not sure if I want/need to go grad school (right away or even at all). The thing that worries me most about graduating is not being able to pay off my loans and not being in a self-satisfactory position. For me, a position of self-satisfaction after leaving Wheaton consists of happily living on my own, whether that consists of having my own apartment in NYC and working full time. Or, working full time and going to grad school part time. Or, traveling abroad to complete a mission (i.e. a personal (funded) project, peace corps, etc). I want to know more about what options are available. But, as with most things, it looks like I’m on my own for researching and figuring out a plan A, B, and C. The thing that makes this situation more difficult is the fact that I feel like I don’t really have any time to sit down and research grad school and other options. But, I suppose that’s a lame excuse—I need to make time, this is my future, my life, at hand.

C is for: a lot of things:

Camera: I really really want to invest in a digital camera (Nikon). If you, or someone you know, can make an offer a camera (even a used one), let me know.

Commitment: I’ve been taking Yoga and Tai Chai classes and through them I’m learning the value of commitment.

Cooking: I’ve been cooking a lot, which is a huge deal for me considering my upbringing. I love cooking, it’s therapeutic. When I cook, I’m not thinking about any fears or problem…just stirring, pouring, watching, etc…just cooking! If you have any recipes, send them my way.

Cleanliness: Since I’ve been here, I’ve been keeping up with keeping my living area clean. Anyone that has ever lived with me, or visited my room knows that I’m not usually the neatest person. But, without the skip of a beat, I’ve been keeping my room clean as if it were the first day that I moved into the apartment. Every morning I make my bed (even if it may jeopardize my lateness). I guess it’s easier to be neat because I don’t have that much stuff, and because my desk is in the living room, so the only thing I do in my room is sleep and get dressed. Or, maybe this cleanliness just comes from growing up and maturing. Either way, it feels great because it keeps my head pretty clear, and it makes me feel good when people unexpectedly stop by and I don’t have to worry about last minute cleaning, and they’re also impressed by the cleanliness.


One thought on “C is for …”

  1. ❤ u mi amor. I'm glad that things are getting better for you. I love reading your blogs, it makes me feel closer to you. The pics are awesome by the way. And i dont think you should worry much about all that graduate school stuff right now bc i know my school isnt too stressed about, its still early. they do alot of it next semester. But if you are you can go to your school website and look at deadlines n what stuff is going on around campus. Till your next post. ❤ you and remember to be open hearted and open minded (not that your not already)…

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