Bus Tour (another quick post)…

Ciao Rigazzi,

I really want to get up to date with my posts, so that I can fill you all in on the thoughts that have been fresh on my mind. Therefore, this post is going to be a short and simple one about a “bus tour” I took during the weekend.

What you should expect: pictures first, and then a textual summary


St. Peter's Basilica
inside St. Peter's Basilica
Me next to Pieta
Basilica of St. Paul
Basilica of St. Paul


The “bus tour” was not very much of a bus tour. I don’t know about the average person, but when I stumble across the phrase, “bus tour”, I imagine a group of people being guided on a tour via a bus ride–which means, the only time these group of people get off of this bus is when the tour has reached an end. This was not the case with this “bus tour”. In other words, by “bus tour” they meant that the bus would only be used for transporting us from one monument to the other, and then back to our drop off location.

Aside from this misunderstanding about my school’s definition of a bus tour, the only other disappointment was that I had to pay 10 euros for a black scarf. In order to enter churches in Italy, you must cover your shoulders and your legs (knees must be covered). It’s not that I don’t respect this cultural value it’s just that I could’ve saved a bunch of money (on my my car insurance lol) by wearing jeans to the tour.

As suggested by the captions attached to the photos, we visited St. Peter’s Basilica, The Christian Catacombs, and the Basilica of St. Paul. Out of these three visits, I enjoyed St. Peter’s the most because I was able to spot a work of art that I actually remembered studying in one of my art history classes. I envisioned that Michelangelo’s , Pieta would have been a lot larger mainly because of the work’s popularity  and it’s context. But, nonetheless, it’s still a beautiful piece and I’m grateful to have seen for myself (in the flesh).


2 thoughts on “Bus Tour (another quick post)…”

  1. the photos are amazing!! omg!! it looks so pretty!! what does 10 euros equate to in US money?? sounds expensive..lol..keep having fun!!

  2. LOL. Your looking at a monument’s manly hood? Come on son. Lmao. Yea europe is strict with religion. The fotos are awesome!

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