Day One: Finally Exhaling…

Please note that these posts are behind in dates, but better late than never…forgive me

In case you’re a visual person, here is a short video of my journey here to Rome. Check it out:

When I arrived at the airport, JCU students were there to meet me. There were so many people from different organizations and schools waiting for the arrival of their guest(s); it was a bit overwhelming. But, I was happy to see a girl in a gray JCU t-shirt, I knew that I could finally exhale.


Before I boarded the first flight, I spoke with a friend who said that my first goal when I got to Rome should be to have a glass of red wine. So, once I saw a JCU representative, I knew that I was that much closer to my first glass of Italian red wine.

Finally after about a half hour drive from the airport/hotel to my apartment, my new-found friend and I decided to get a meal and some red wine. Talk about a good way to celebrate our arrival!

My first Italian drink (red wine)
my first Italian meal: Lasgne!

Okay, so maybe this picture doesn’t match the classic aesthetic of the lasagna that we Americans are accustomed to, but I assure you…I assure you that this Lasagne! was absolutely delicious. I could taste home in this Lasagne, I could taste love invested in each bite…I could taste something that I could get used to…I could taste Rome.


Oh yeah!, I forgot to mention that my apartment is a little over 5 minutes away from the Tiber River:

The Tiber River : I live to the right of this picture

Dear Tiber, Thank you for protecting what I’m learning to call home. I like to think of you as the guard who stands silent at my door step waiting all hours of the day and night. And, although you’ve seen hollow bodies lying at your feet you remain calm and patient with traces of peace stitched into every ripple in your body. Thank you.


When you cross (one of the three mini-bridges above) the Tiber River there is a grocery store, “Despar”:

My first grocery shopping experience

The Grocery Store:

Had great prices (i.e. I got: 7 peaches for 1 Euro and some change, 1 pound of shrimp for 1 Euro and some change, a biG bag of angel hair pasta for .74 cents, etc)

The frustrating thing about grocery shopping was not entirely understanding the titles and descriptions of the products, and furthermore hoping that my requests (in spanish) to the man working at the deli would serve me right.

I can definitely get used to (eventually) to life under this Roman sky

Finally Exhaling Under the Roman Sky
Finally Exhaling Under the Roman Sky

2 thoughts on “Day One: Finally Exhaling…”

  1. awwwwwwwwww girl, u look like ur having a fabulous time! im sooo excited that ur keeping up a blog, btw. u noe im goin to be stalking u via this site. LOL. i miss u here at wheaton and i miss our philosophical discussions! gah! perhaps we shall have some via skype whenver u want!

  2. LOL. I love the pics. I started reading your posts backwards. Lol. I read from recent to old. I want some lasagna. Lol. So how was the wine?

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