It’s a bird…It’s a plane

it's not a bird, but is is a plane

Nope, it’s not a bird, but it is a plane. While living in New York, every time I saw a plane in the sky I would look at it and say, “that’s gonna be me pretty soon”. Low and behold, that saying became as real as the truth.

airplanes are huGe...i have a huGe respect for pilots

I took two Lufthansa Airlines planes in order to get to Rome. My first flight came from JFK Airport in the city (NY that is) and it lasted for about 7 hours. Considering that this was my first time–ever–going to an airport by myself and flying a plane by myself, my plane ride definitely help to shift my fear of flying.

my face before boarding the first flight
my face during the first flight

Not to mention, they also provided me with two meals, which were really quite appetizing for airplane food.

the meal (before): Pasta, Strawberry Shortcake, Bread & Cheese, Salad
the meal (after): Nothing edible remaining

After my first flight, I got off at Frankfurt, Germany. Since my flight from JFK landed early, I had to wait for the last flight for a little over an hour. They too provided me with a light snack:

the snack on the second flight: ham&cheese sandwich, chocolate cream wafers, alpine cheese, and cute little picnic-style bag

By the time I boarded my second flight, my nerves were relieved. I replaced fear with an attitude of, “LET’S GET THERE ALREADY!!!!”–talk about patience (sarcasm).

my face during the second flight

It was so beautiful to fly over the mountains, I really just wanted to stick my hand outside of the window and touch the beauty that I was seeing.

airplane view
airplane view 2
airplane view 3

Something about the picture above this sentence reminds of Japan…of what Hiroshima could’ve been.

If you have any questions for me write them in my comment box.

With loads of love,



One thought on “It’s a bird…It’s a plane”

  1. Oh Art! .. I love it! I had to comment under the plane pics, I was so surprised by the airplane food I got on my flight. I hear it’s bad, but it was soooo good! Then I thought about my mother saying “Don’t act like you ain’t been no where” haha. Looks like your having a fab time! Be safe, enjoy every minute. Miss you and keep the updates coming for sure.

    ❤ Kenya

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