FEAR (a quick entry….)


So, this may be a bit of a sloppy post. I apologize in advance for any typos or ambigious phrases. Anyhow, I have a few hours before I head off to Rome, and about 1 hour before I head to the airport. Honestly, I must say that in some ways I feel a little unprepared–it’s a weird kind of “unprepared”. It’s an unprepared that is more on the side of disorganized rather than not ready. I have all of my documents and packed luggage, but for some strange reason I feel as if not everything is in order. …i dont know…weird!

Moving along, I want to take the space to jot down some fears that I have:

Right now, my biggest anxiety is the airport. I’ve never been to an airport by myself , so I am worried about the system and knowing what exactly to expect.

Aside from airport fear, I am worried about the language barrier, financial support, and finding my way around.

Those are my fears in a nutshell, of course there are many tiny fears that are tucked inside of those general fears.

Well, I gotta go finish organizing and getting myself ready. Expect a neater and more elaborate post after this one.

With all the love I’ve got,



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