“when you get to Italy”

Guess who’s going to Rome?! I am! Yaayyyyy! Yesterday, I went to the Italian Consulate and it was nothing of what I expected. First, I assumed that the interview would be a sit-down sort of process where each document would be looked at with a magnifying glass. Okay, okay, so I didn’t expect that a magnifying glass would be involved, but I did think that the interviewer would look at each document with great attention to detail. However, I entered a room filled with about 20-30 chairs, I waited for my name to be called (incorrectly, as usual), and I stood behind a counter shielded by a glass window with a hole. I presented my original documents, and then my photocopied documents. The “interviewer” notified me that I was missing a photocopy of one of my documents and then I would I have to quickly go to the nearest Staples and make a copy, and then return to the office right away. But, before I went to staples she put a stamp on my visa, and told me that when I come to pick up my passport, I would have to submit and original copy of another document. I was–and still am–elated! After returning to the “interviewer” with the photocopy, she gave me a signed letter and told me that, “when [I] get to Italy…I would have to take it to …office for living arrangements”. She told me to come back on Friday to pick up my passport–which will be stamped with my visa! I’m sooo excited. You girls and guys, this is really going to happen. I’m going to Rome! ____ Now that I know I’m going for sure, I need to make other arrangements in regards to :

  • my cellphone service
  • the international use of my debit card
  • a webcam
  • a netbook
  • working/saving money
  • livin’ la vida loKa!

Kinda random, but this song came to mind!


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