the drum roll ends soon…

Tomorrow is one of the big days. Bright and early at 9am I have my visa appointment. I just finished organizing the required documents for my visa application/interview.

I really don’t know what to expect. At this point in time, my best bet is to just pray for the very best outcome. The one thing that worries me about my presentation of the requirements is my lack of funds. All in all, My emotions and previsions of the turnout are mixed.

I could either leave there with a big smile on my face and the thought that “oh emmm geee, this is really going to happen! ahhh!”


“i worked my totts off, and nothing! what the *beep*!?!!”


“okay, so, I’m almost there…I just need to find a way to complete the requirements”

Ladies and Gentlemen, no one really knows, other than divinity. So, I’m gonna finish watching this Office episode, pray, and shut my lids.

Stay tuned for an update


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