Passport to Class

As of now,

I am officially enrolled in 5 classes at the university in Rome. Here’s what I’ll be taking:

1. Issues and Trends in Contemporary Art

2. Drawing

3. Public Speaking

4. Writing for the Media

5. Principles of Management

Overall, it’s a pretty good–pretty feasible–lineup of classes. The class that I’m looking forward to the most is Drawing. Let me be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m “looking forward” to this class the most. However, I will say that something tells me that my Drawing class will be one that lingers with me way past my study abroad session. In a way, it’ll be like scrap-booking via drawings. I know that I’ll be able to look at back at my drawings and not only see great architecutural monuments, but also be able to recapsulate the memories attached to my time in specific locations in Rome.

I will also admit, that I’m a little worried about having to pay for art-related materials for class. If this university is anything like my current college, then chances are I’ll have to pay a fee at the beginning of class in order to be provided with specific materials. True; money is only paper. However, when grass (and a few flowers here and there) is the only that grows in your backyard, paper is not just paper. In other words, what I’m saying is that I know that I will inevitably have to spend money during my study abroad session. However the more money I can save, the better. Money is not an unlimited resource for me.

While I’m filled with hope and a positive outlook on my Drawing class, one class that I’m not so anxious about is the Principles of Management class. I really don’t know what to expect from this class. At my current college, I know that any –or should I say, most classes that I take in order to fulfill my management minor requirements are usually related to economics, or politics. I’ve never taken a class that is strictly just management oriented. I feel like I may have to memorize key terms and key concepts and other brain boggling things, which surely isn’t going to make test-taking any easier. *Insert worried face here*

Another worry that I have about classes (overall) is books:

how am i going to get them, will i have to pay for them, are photocopies free, are there any discounts, will it be worth it to get them (you know, sometimes professors suggest you buy textbooks only so you see the front and back cover of the book but none of the actual text and chapters that are in the book. talk about a waste of money)…..

On the bright side, something that I can say I’m not worried about is:

druuuuummmmrrooollll pppllleeeasssseeee:


It came, I’m not even going to bother putting a “finally” in between “It” and “came”, and that’s because my passport came waaay earlier than I expected. I honestly didn’t even think that they would have processed it because the woman working at the post office told me that they may not approve my application because my photos were too dark. But, I guess the passport officials didn’t think so. So, thank God for that!


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